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6 Questions to Ask Before Your Swimming Pool Remodel

6 Questions to Ask Before Your Swimming Pool Remodel

Moving forward with a swimming pool remodel is a big decision. Not only is there a good amount of money involved, you’re inviting a crew of workers to invade your space and trusting that they’re going to do high-quality work and complete the job on time and on budget.

Because the stakes are so high, it’s valuable to ask yourself several questions before you actually decide to pursue the remodel.

Do you have enough room? If you’re just giving your current pool a minor facelift, this might not be an issue. But if you have grand ideas that are likely to expand the area that the pool takes up in your backyard, an important first step is to make sure that you actually have the space available to realize your dreams. Maybe you don’t really need a water slide and a splash pad. A site plan can help you plan how the final design will fit your space as well as help identify any potential issues or obstacles to construction.

What can you do to avoid the mess? This is a great question to ask your contractor, because it gives you the chance to set up ground rules before the job takes on a life of its own. Do you want the crew to stay out of your house completely? Can they keep their tools and equipment all in one area so that parts of the yard that aren’t affected might still be used? One thing’s for sure – you’re going to want to keep your doors and windows closed to avoid the dust, dirt, and debris that’s stirred up by the work, and may even want to utilize plastic tarps to cover areas of the house and yard and keep it protected.

When should you start the job? If you think about it, this one should actually be fairly simple. Generally speaking, you’re probably going to be using your pool in the spring or summer, so you probably don’t want to be doing work on it during those months if you can avoid it. That leaves fall and winter, which actually works out in your favor since those are the times you’re more likely to have your house sealed against the cold anyway. You’ll also be able to avoid the “spring rush,” when people who want their pool ready for summer converge on remodelers and make things busier and more expensive.

Does your contractor offer a warranty? Most people know that you should look into a contractor’s credentials, check with the Better Business Bureau, and ensure that they have comprehensive liability and worker’s comp. But warranties rarely come up, and that’s a shame. Enough contractors offer them that you should not only ask, but make sure you look it over to see what’s actually covered and what’s left out. The comprehensiveness of a warranty should be part of shopping around.

What requirements for my city or HOA have? You may need to get a permit for your city, or file an application with your homeowner’s association to get permission. Often, a site plan detailing exactly what you intend to do is required. Any experienced contractor in your area can help guide you through your city’s requirements, and you can contact your HOA directly or check the CC&Rs to ensure compliance in your neighborhood.

How much time is this going to take? Simple pool remodels can be over in a week – sometimes less. But bigger jobs often means months of time where you likely won’t have the use of your backyard and will have to deal with all the sights, sounds, and even smells that go along with a pool remodel. Understanding the time frame will help you better schedule to job, so you can enjoy the benefits of your new and improved pool this season!

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  • Ryan Crownholm
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