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How Does MySitePlan Offer Such Low Rates?

How Does MySitePlan Offer Such Low Rates?

You might be wondering how MySitePlan is able to offer site plans at such convenient rates, and the answer is simple: the volume of plans we’re able to produce and deliver to our clients. We can provide you with your site plan in two business days at the most, but we do our best to finish it in one business day.

 All of the “surveying” for your site is accomplished using satellite imagery, GIS information, county parcel and tax maps, and other resources. So, we mean it when say we can provide you with a quality site plan using only the street address of your site.

Now you might be wondering how to go about getting a plan made for your site, and below you’ll find out just how to do so.

Site Plan Process

The first step is simple, and that’s choosing the type of plan you’d like us to make for you. We offer Simple Site Plan, Medium Site Plan, and Detailed Site Plan options, with details on the differences between plans found here.  And if you if have additional requirements or specifications, feel free to inquire with us about our custom services.

Once you’ve decided on what plan is the best for you, you can choose your payment option. You can go with the flat hourly rate of $90/hr (currently discounted to $60/hr), or we can provide you with a bid for your site plan’s total project.

How Your Plan is Made

If you hadn’t heard, we can provide you with a site plan using only the street address of the site. That means we do not conduct any physical, boots-on-the-ground surveying, because we’re able to accomplish the task using only remote methods.

This helps to keep our own costs down so that we can pass the savings on to you, the client, and it shows in the prices we’re able to offer you.

Getting Your Plan, and Getting It Right

All of the site plans we produce are sized to 11” x 17” and sent to you in PDF format. And while our target return-time is two business days, we do our best to provide your site plan to you in one, and rush order is available as well for especially time-sensitive projects.

And should your plan need revising, either to meet your city’s code regulations or just your own satisfaction, we can make the necessary changes to the finished plan for you, without any additional cost.

Make MySitePlan Your Site Plan

We can’t wait to work on your plan, and we’d love to get started as soon as we can for you. Feel free to set up an account on our website and send us the information on your site, and we can start working on your site plan. Thanks for reading and we look forward to working for you.

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