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5 Reasons You Need Your Home’s Plot Plan

5 Reasons You Need Your Home’s Plot Plan

Many homeowners may no longer see the need for their home’s plot plan. Plot plans are often mistakenly thought of as something that is only useful to architects, real estate agencies, or potential buyers or renters.

However, a plot plan is incredibly useful for a homeowner, especially those who like undertaking DIY projects. For some examples why, check out the five reasons below:



If you’re planning any sort of a renovation, a plot plan is an absolute must. You can sketch out how the new home will look and present it to contractors to get a more accurate quote. When it comes time to follow through with those decisions, it will be far easier to tell if the contractor’s plans match up to your initial vision.


Event Planning

If you are considering any sort of big outdoor event at your home, be it a wedding, graduation, or birthday party, a plot plan can make your event go smoothly. An event planner will be able to decide on table placement, crowd flow, and even décor much more easily if they have access to your plot plan. If you’re planning the event yourself, you will benefit just as much from seeing your yard laid out.



If you would like to add a garden, koi pond, or just rethink the current plants in your yard, a plot plan can help ensure your end result is beautiful and ideal for your home. It’s far easier to map out how the entire backyard will be laid out on paper than to measure your yard by hand. Using a plot plan will help you get professional looking results.


Adding an Outdoor Building

Whether it’s a playground, a gazebo, or a deck, you’ll need a plot plan to see how the new structure will fit into your backyard, particularly if there are any building restrictions in your area. Not only that, but it’s legally required in order to get a permit for many outdoor projects.


Pool Planning

Want to add or remove a pool? Or maybe you want to redo the landscaping or outdoor structures at your poolside? A plot plan will be required for pool demolition and construction, and it can also aid in any planning you need to do around your pool.

For the creative homeowner, a plot plan is an absolute must. It can help you take DIY to a whole new level of polish and professionalism.

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  • Ryan Crownholm
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