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Do You Need a Site Plan for a Roofline Remodel?

Do You Need a Site Plan for a Roofline Remodel?

There are several good reasons why a homeowner may choose to remodel their home’s roofline. If they want to convert the attic into a livable space, they may need to raise the roof to increase their square footage (and prevent people from hitting their heads on the beams). If a homeowner discovers that their roofline is not steep enough to handle the ice and snow that piles up during the winter, they might need to adjust the roof’s pitch. Although it can be expensive, doing a roofline remodel often costs less than adding a new addition to the home… or paying the steep price for repairs to weather-related damage.

Once you’ve decided to do a roofline remodel for your home, the next thing you need to figure out is what kind of preparations you need to do. You may be wondering if you need a site plan for your home. The answer is almost always yes—it’s a good idea to have a site plan.

Why Do You Need a Site Plan for Your Roofline Project?

The first reason you need a site plan is because your city or county will most likely require you to have one in order to get a building permit.

Not sure if you need a building permit? The projects that require a permit vary from city to city (for example, in some cities you can build a fence that is less than 6 feet tall without a permit, while in other cities you’ll need a permit to build any fence over 3 feet tall), but it’s safe to say that just about anywhere you live, larger-scale construction projects such as a roofline remodels are going to require a permit.

You’ll need to visit your city’s building or development department to learn the specific requirements for a permit, and you’ll most likely need to submit your site plan when you submit a permit application.

The second reason you’ll need a site plan is for your own planning purposes. You can’t afford to make major mistakes when changing the pitch or square footage of your roof, so you’ll need to see a to-scale outline of your roof from an overhead perspective. This is especially helpful if you have different parts to your roof, as it makes it easier to see how the individual sections fit together.

If you’re planning to add new features to your roof, such as gables or dormers, you can lay tracing paper over your site plan and draw the additions on top to see how they will fit in. If you’re planning to change the pitch of your roof, you should also create a side perspective drawing of your exterior walls and roof so that you can determine the current pitch as well as the new pitch you’ll be using in the remodel.

Renovating your roofline can be a big project, but getting a site plan to start the project doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you don’t already have a site plan, or if your home’s site plan is out of date, you can just contact MySitePlan, and we’ll use satellite imagery, county parcel maps, and other information sources to get a plan to you within two working days.

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