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RSS & Event Planning; The Perfect Marriage
Tables draped in ornate linens and dressed with framed florals. Every chivari chair accounted for and defined by a hand lettered name tag. The dance floor, a crisp white steel towers of lights transforming darkness into an illuminated story. 
Behind the vision for every event, there is a plan. Like a hammer is to a carpenter, a site plan can be to an event planner. A vision turned into an image; a map to steer all event vendors and team members in the same direction.
Did you know that Site Plans can be used for more than just Property Permits? thinks outside of the box to offer fast and efficient event plan drafting in a professional to scale draft, delivered to you in record time. 
Here are 5 Reasons you should use a site plan for you next event...

1. Will Save Time & Money

Want to avoid drawing hand sketches of your event plans? Often times event planners will spend hours of their time hand drawing diagrams for table, decor and culinary placement. With a to scale site plan, this can all be avoided at the push of a button as you printing out multiple copies of the same accurate drawing for all on your team. 

2. Keeps All Vendors on the Same Page

Its pretty incredible how many different vendors are utilized for just one event. If one vendor arrives to the venue without the proper instruction, you can run into possible problems for everyone involved, including your client. 
Lets say the bakery delivers the cake and unknowingly sets up the six glorious tiers of buttercream and florals on the wrong table and it cannot be moved without risking the destruction of the cake. Now the DJ has to be moved to a different location, disrupting the overall effectiveness of the equipment and set up plan, creating a disruption of flow and tension in the ranks. All of this could easily have been avoided if each vendor was given a site plan that included the placement details for all event vendors. Having everyone on the same page with a clear picture of the venue and vendor details is effective and easy.  

3. Prevents any Safety Code Violations

 Sometimes in event planning, what is aesthetically pleasing may not be the safest option for guests or employees. Placing fabric backdrops in front of fire extinguishers or exits could lead to a very dangerous situation if an emergency arises. 
Making sure that the building can accommodate the number of tables and people is also important. 
Having a clear siteplan that includes all exits/entrances fire extinguishers and even bathrooms not only helps protect your clients during your event, it gives the staff an overview of the building and how best to guide the guests to safety in the event of an emergency.

4. Makes You Look Good

The event planning industry is one of the toughest. Every detail adds up in a client presentation and can lead to a commission or a "thanks anyway".
Adding a professional site plan to your presentation is a great way to help the client feel at ease about their decision to hire you. You will quickly earn the title of 
"Most Organized Planner",
A title that will go very far in the professional event planning world. One of the most tedious aspects of the job can be trying to show your client what is in your head on a piece of paper.
Instead of having to hand draw a plan with measurement guesstimates and having to re draw the same space over and over in order to share your event vision, you would simply press "print" many times as you like, and every time its perfect.  

5. Seamless Event 

   Perhaps the most important aspect of obtaining a site plan for an event is that having one can trouble shoot problems before they even exist. As I mentioned above, having everyone on the same page is important, but hard to do without a common goal. A siteplan serves as this common goal. A picture of a vision that connects the caterer to DJ and the guests to the event. A road map of how things will continue through a hiccup in an organized and calm manner. 
How do I order a Site Plan for my Event?
You can start by requesting a custom quote for your event on our website.
If your event is indoors or under a covered patio, we will need the measurements of the interior walls as well as the dimensions and placements of any feature, such as a fire extinguisher or exit sign. You will also need to include the detailed information regarding the size of dance floors, tables, chairs, stages etc so that we can accurately draft these features in per your guidance. We can even work with a drawing submitted by our client so that we will know exactly where you want each feature placed. After receiving all of this information in the form a custom quote request, we will review the project and get back to you with how many hours it will take to draft your plan. After purchasing the hours, we start work immediately and will send you your event site plan via email as a pdf. 
So the next time you begin an event plan, keep us in mind. We are here to make your job easier and your event a success!

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