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Floor Plans

Floor Plan

Floor Plans

A floor plan is a scaled diagram of the arrangement of rooms in one story of a building.

While we don't visit your home to make the measurements, we are able to take a rough sketch provided by you and recreate your floor plan in AutoCAD.

If you would like for us to conceptualize a space, we are able to take the exterior wall dimensions and create living spaces to your specifications.

Have a 1000 square foot residence and want a 2-bedroom, 1-bath with kitchen and living area? We can create a series of floor plan options for you to understand the use of that space.

Floor plans are also a popular service for commercial applications for tenant improvement possibilities. 

We have done many large-scale conceptual layout floor plans for proposed hotels, apartment buildings, elderly care facilities, and much more.  

How to Get a Quote for Your Floor Plan Drawing

To get a custom quote for your floor plan drawing, submit the form below.

Describe the type of floor plan you need. You can also upload any relevant files, including sketches, photos, city specifications, and more. Whatever you think will help us to understand your needs for the floor plan.

From the address you enter, we can also gather additional data about the property, including satellite imagery, GIS information, county parcel maps, and other public information sources.

Then we will be in touch with the custom quote for your floor plan. Once you receive that quote, you can head to the shopping cart to purchase the quoted hours, and your order for a floor plan will be started!

Have you already received an hourly quote for your floor plan?

Then you are ready to purchase the quoted number of hours on our shopping cart HERE. A designer from our team will reach out via email if any additional information is needed from you. Thank you for choosing My Site Plan!

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