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Site Plans for Sign Permits

Site Plans for Sign Permits

You probably know that you need to get a permit to build most kinds of structures. But did you know that signs visible from the outside of a building almost always require permits as well?

Some of this is probably obvious when you think about it – especially where businesses are concerned. After all, if you’re going to hang a physical sign, it makes sense that the physical construction adheres to whatever the building codes are in your area.

The approving bodies want to ensure your sign will not present a danger and confirm that the content and design of the sign in question is appropriate based on local rules and regulations.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize how many different types of signs this covers – everything from completely attached designs to painted-on signs to hanging banners to freestanding signs. Depending on your area, you may even have to submit a new sign permit application if you alter the permanent lettering on your sign.

In order to get a sign approved, you will need to send plans and specifications to the office or entity in charge in your area, making sure to follow all local requirements.

One piece of documentation that can go a long way towards approval is a sign permit site plan.

Why Should You Consider Getting a Site Plan for Your Sign Permit Application?

Site Plans for Sign Permits

There are many reasons you may want to get a site plan for a sign permit.

  1. It may be required. Different areas have different rules and regulations. In some areas, site plans must be created for any freestanding signs. Check with your regulating body to learn what is needed for your area.
  2. It will show how your sign fits in. Our site plans can be created to display all kinds of surrounding structures and features, so the zoning administrator or office will be able to get a visual idea of how the sign will work in the area in question. Sometimes, just being able to “see” the sign helps immensely with approval.
  3. It will confirm that your sign adheres to requirements. Site plans include dimensions and measurements of structures as well as streets, street signs, trees, and other features that may matter to your regulating body. A well-crafted plan will show that your sign adheres to any applicable rules related to its proximity to other features.
  4. It can prevent a permit denial. If you’re a business, it is likely that you have a schedule to keep with your sign – you need it without unreasonable delay. Unfortunately, sign permits can take time. If you turn in an application that doesn’t clearly demonstrate how your sign adheres to local regulations, it can result in a denial that costs you even more time. The level of detail offered by a site plan makes this far less likely.

How You Can Get a Site Plan for Your Sign Permit in a Day

At My Site Plan, our staff is more than just knowledgeable and skilled – we’re also fast! Within 24 hours of you sending over the details, we will provide you with a draft of your plan to review and make any needed changes.

All you have to do is fill out the information on our order form and we can get started.

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