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Site Plans for Swimming Pool Removal Permits

site plans for swimming pool removal permits

Maybe the kids have all moved out and you just don’t have much use for your pool anymore. Or you’re tired of the upkeep and maintenance. Perhaps you want to replace it with something even better.

Whatever your reasons, you want to get rid of your swimming pool. Before you can do that, though, your area requires you to a pool removal permit.

Depending on your specific location and how you plan to remove it, this might be called a pool removal permit, a demolition permit, or something different. Whatever the name, you may need a site plan made to obtain that permit. And MySitePlan is the fastest and most economical way to do that.

Why Use MySitePlan When You Need to Remove Your Pool?

A site plan is incredibly beneficial in getting your pool removal permit because it allows you to answer many of the regulatory requirements with a single document.

The permitting office can see the location of your pool and how close it is to existing structures, property lines, gas and electric equipment and meters, and other features. The plan will show them whether there is a sanitary sewer to clean out or if your property is on a septic system. You will even be able to indicate how you intend to remove the pool.

Many permitting offices also require a site plan for pool removal. In fact, some require more than one. So, it is highly likely that you will need one before you can remove your pool.

With MySitePlan, you get the benefit of working with experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost other services charge. Moreover, you will receive a draft of your site plan within 24 hours.

site plans for swimming pool removal permits

Before You Order a Site Plan, Check with Your Local Regulatory Office

If your goal is to remove the pool with the intention that the site may be used for a building construction in the future, your local regulatory office may require you to use licensed civil engineers or others to create a report on how to conduct the removal.

If that is the case in your situation, you will need to contact a professional in your area rather than using our service, because we are a drafting company and are unable to sign, seal, or stamp plans.

Make sure you understand exactly what is required in your area, though, because working with an engineer, architect, or surveyor can be upwards of $1,000, whereas our site plans start at only $89.

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