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Certified Site Plans

What Is a Certified Site Plan?

A certified site plan is a site plan that is stamped by an architect, engineer, or surveyor and requires a higher level of accuracy.

Often, permit authorities will require a certified site plan for building additions or lot subdivisions where having dead-on measurements is a must. Every city is different, so it is always best to call to verify requirements before ordering a plan. 

What Is a Non-Certified Site Plan?

A non-certified site plan is one that can be created by a homeowner, unlicensed individual, or a company like My Site Plan.

We use all publicly available data, along with satellite imagery, to create a draft, which is sent to the client to verify dimensions. If our dimensions need to be adjusted to match your measurements, we take care of those free of charge.

As long as a certified plan isn't required for your project, we stand by our work with a money-back guarantee.

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