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Site Plans for Conditional Use Permits

conditional use permit

Do you want to put your land to a particular use that doesn’t exactly fit into the existing zoning ordinance? If yes, you likely need a Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

MySitePlan is here to help you get your Conditional Use Permit by providing you with an accurate site plan.

Conditional Use Permits Explained

In most places, land use is agreed upon through public hearing processes and expressed as zoning ordinances. A zoning ordinance defines the land uses that are essential or desirable within a particular zoning district. Some land uses may also be prohibited because they have detrimental effects on the surrounding community.

Conditional Use Permits permit specific land uses even though local zoning ordinances prohibit them. CUPs, therefore, provide flexibility in zoning ordinances.

Conditional land use is almost always subject to several conditions of approval specified in the zoning ordinance. The zoning ordinance may also determine the various uses for which a Conditional Use Permit may be given. Most zoning ordinances further delineate the procedure to be followed when one is pursuing a Conditional Use Permit.

conditional use permit

The Value of a Site Plan for Conditional Use Permit

A site plan is needed for your CUP permit application to prove that your proposal is an appropriate use for the property or site selected.

The site plan for a CUP may also serve other purposes, such as:

  • To show that the proposed use is complementary to the cultural, historical, or scenic aspects of the surrounding area.
  • To show that the proposed use won’t interfere with local transportation systems.
  • To demonstrate that the proposed use won’t result in undue negative impacts on the adjacent properties.
  • To demonstrate the mitigation strategies that will be used to counter any potential negative impacts that may arise.

Why Get Your Site Plan from MySitePlan?

Our team of highly-skilled AutoCAD designers can help you get the perfect site plan for Conditional Use Permits. We can create a site plan to bring out the modesty in your project, so it appears to blend in and be in character with the rest of the neighborhood.

It is important to contact your local building authority to understand their requirements for the site plan. If they do not require a stamped plan, then we can help you. Simply fill out the order form and set the ball rolling; we’ll have your site plan ready within 24 hours!

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