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Site Plans for Tree Removal Permits

site plans for tree removal permits

Most areas view trees as valuable resources and regulate their removal in some way, shape, or form – even if you are removing a tree that is on your own property.

Because of this, if you need to remove a tree – for whatever reason – it is incredibly important that you research what is needed in your city or township. Some places only require permits for trees over a certain size, while others regulate even the smallest trees. Certain areas limit the number of trees you can remove within a year. It is also possible that there may be laws regarding the types of trees that can and can’t be removed, the reasons they can be removed, and so on.

In most cases, you will need a tree removal permit, which means you have to apply for it and usually pay for that application. Because of this, the last thing you want is for your permit to be denied.

How can you keep this from happening? Something that can be quite helpful, and may be required, is to include a site plan in your tree removal permit application.

The Value of a Site Plan for Tree Removal Permits

A professionally-created site plan from My Site Plan will allow the authority who regulates tree removal permits in your area to “see” the impact of removing the tree by showing them where the tree is located and what is around it. Depending on the level of detail you want, this may include permanent structures nearby, pathways and driveways, landscaping features (including other trees), streets, signage, and easements.

By providing this information, you both offer a “picture” of what the property will look like without the tree in question and show that you have put thought and effort into your request and understand the impact of removing the tree.

While we cannot guarantee that your tree removal permit will be granted, we absolutely do guarantee that our site plan will be accepted unless it requires a stamp from an architect, engineer, or surveyor. In our more than two decades of creating site plans, we have never had a site plan denied for an over-the-counter permit.

How to Get Started with My Site Plan

Before you do anything else, reach out to whoever is in charge of tree removal in your area. You should be able to find out with nothing more than a quick Google search. After you know what the requirements are, all you have to do is pick the plan you want from us and add in whatever details you need.

Within 24 hours, your site plan will be ready, and you can move on to the next step: applying for the tree removal permit.

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