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Where Can I Get a Site Plan for My Property?

Where Can I Get a Site Plan for My Property?

If you’ve decided to make alterations to your property, such as adding a shed or in-ground swimming pool, or if you’re planning on selling your home, you’ll need a copy of your site plan.

Your site plan is a document that shows an overhead view of your property’s structures and topography, and if you haven’t ever needed to have it on hand before, you might be understandably confused about where to find it. Fortunately, there are a few different places you can get a site plan, and in some cases, you may already have the document without even knowing it.

Closing documents. When you bought your home, a copy of the site plan should have been included in the paperwork you received. If you can’t find it in your closing documents, your mortgage lender or title insurance provider may have copies that they can send to you. However, if it’s been years since you purchased your home, you should look it over to ensure it’s still an accurate representation of your property.

County government. In many places, the county government will hold copies of residential site plans in order to ensure that they conform to building regulations and city ordinances. Your local government may be able to provide you with either a hard copy of your site plan or a downloadable copy that you can print. If you decide to get your site plan from the county government, you’ll need to double check that it’s up to date, and you’ll probably have to pay a service fee.

Building company. If you know the builder or construction company that built your house, you can try contacting them as they may have your house plan on file. Again, depending on the amount of time that’s passed, you should verify its accuracy.

Online services. If you can’t track down your site plan from any of the above sources, you may think that hiring a surveyor to draw up a new site plan is your only option. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly expensive, so it’s best to avoid it if possible. Instead, you can order a site plan online from a company like MySitePlan.

At MySitePlan, we use up-to-date satellite imagery, county parcel maps, and other resources to create your site plan at a much lower price than a typical surveyor. The site plans are accepted nationwide for over-the-counter permits and other minor alterations. 

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