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How a Floor Plan in 3D Can Help You Organize a Space with a Loft

How a Floor Plan in 3D Can Help You Organize a Space with a Loft

A house with a loft is indeed a blessing in that it presents you with an opportunity to play with the design of your house. Yes! The loft in a house is utilized as a personal gym or a game room. However, there are ideas also to make good use of the loft, as for example, you can even use the space by making it a part of the bedroom. But here one should keep in mind that many other factors need to considered for that. You have to be mindful of the fact that the room remains as airy and spacious as it should be in ordinary cases. In order to visualize the feasible solutions, the best way is to go for a 3D floor plan. It offers you a lot more than just being a floor plan and as compared to the 2D plan, a 3D floor plan is a lot more practical especially for a house with loft.

Here are some reasons for making a 3D floor plan for a space with a loft:

Managing the height: 

The height of the loft plays an important role to determine how to ensure privacy. Especially if you are utilizing the loft as a bedroom, the height is crucial as in the noise travels in and out of your room. The 3D floor plan gives you a better idea as to how to manage the height of your lofted bedroom without compromising the privacy. Similarly, you can be more creative if you already have in mind how exactly you want your bedroom height should be. 

Playing with the space: 

This is to refer to the fact that you can easily setup your lofted room with the help of the 3D floor plan. For instance, you surely would not like the visitors to have the visibility of the whole space. For that matter, you need to setup the furniture such that they get to see only the visible area of the lofted room as you would please. You can place items like study table or a treadmill in the visible area so that they could not see where is your bed placed. 

Attracting people: 

A 3D floor plan helps you to settle down according to your intention as if you have set up a game room or toy room in the lofted space, you would definitely like to draw the attention of your guests and to bring them up the room. For that matter, you can have a 3D floor plan as it will make it easier for you to consider the suitable spaces in the room where you can keep your toys. 

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  • Amber Hina
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