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How Site Plan Drawing Can Impact the Interior Design of Your Home

How Site Plan Drawing Can Impact the Interior Design of Your Home


Interior design is about how a space looks from the inside. Site plan drawing allows you to design the area around the outside of your property.

At first glance, it would seem like one has nothing to do with the other. However, good site plan drawing can increase the interior and exterior beauty of your home… while foregoing a site plan may leave you dealing with a frustrating, unsightly mess.

How so? It comes down to windows, really. What do you want to see when you’re on the inside looking out?

A good site plan drawing will take this into account when choosing where to put things like:

Trees. If you live in a neighborhood where your view otherwise looks out right onto your neighbors’ houses or something else that you’re not all that interested in seeing, a few well-placed trees can block these eyesores from your view and allow you to enjoy nature instead.

However, if your home is situated somewhere with a fantastic view – on a lake, perhaps, or with a mountain in the background – they last thing you probably want is trees getting in the way of it.

Driveway. Unless the look of your driveway is part of the overall effect you want for your home, chances are you’d rather not be staring out at it while eating dinner. With a well-thought-out site plan drawing, you can position your driveway in the best possible place to minimize its impact on your view.

Exterior structures. Maybe you want to have a barn or a shed on your property. Or you live on a property with electrical boxes and other types of maintenance equipment that have to be aboveground. A site plan can show you where these things will be so you can plan your view around them. Or, if that’s not possible, it gives you a chance to do things to make them more visually appealing.

Gardens, fountains, and more. Perhaps you plan to put a gorgeous fountain on your property. Or impressive statuary. Flowers. A garden. You get the idea – something that will help to beautify your outdoor area. A site plan drawing not only helps you to see where it will fit outside, but can also be used to place it where you can see if from the inside as well, if you wish.

Bottom line? It’s all about planning. Neglect a site plan drawing and you don’t know what you’re going to get. Get one done by professionals and you give yourself the power to see what your options are and make decisions ahead of time.

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  • Juliana Weiss-Roessler
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